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Grenzen und Grenzregionen in der Kunstproduktion und Kunsttheorie
der Gegenwart


Universität der Künste, Berlin


November 24/25, 2022                                                                                                                           

Concept and direction: Alma-Elisa Kittner, Kerstin Meincke, Miriam Oesterreich

Borders and migration are inextricably intertwined. Border regions are defined, shaped and formed by migration as such. At the same time, contemporary arts address the conflict-ridden migratory spaces in a variety of ways and question their semantics, modes of action and architectures. Artistic positions and strategies can be effective both in drawing borders and in undermining political, geographic or social social boundaries. These different approaches, reflections and transformations were already the subject of the apéro-table organized by the current speakers of the of the working group with artists, curators and scientists (2021/2022). Based on selected and current projects, the series of events
the event series explored how politically, socially and aesthetically contested border regions in the present - such as the wall between the USA and Mexico, the border between Morocco and Spain, but also inner-German border spaces - are negotiated and narrated using artistic strategies.

The conference refocuses these debates on scholarly discourses and also discusses disciplinary transitions in the engagement with borders. The aim is a methodological and conceptual sharpening of the manifold interconnections between migration, border/s, and the arts. Several questions arise here: With which and on which concepts of borders do contemporary artistic positions work? What role do do concepts of space and architecture play in border negotiations? How have also historical art production and art theory thematized borders? Also the question of the relevance of artistic approaches to political, topographical, and aesthetic borders in a context and aesthetic borders in the context of borders that are often experienced as insurmountable and do not that do not allow for discourse, can be addressed. It is helpful to distinguish between three forms of borders: the notion of the border as a line and marked territory, the border as a border space and the border as border movement. In this context, the crossing of borders can be seen as a permanent process of interrelating, overlapping, interweaving and shifting, because borders constitute because borders are permanently constituted anew and change their shape (Wenzel). their shape (Wenzel). Subsequently, we can ask which art historical terminologies and specific art-historical approaches can be used and which could be further developed - such as the research on the political iconography of landscape (Warnke).

Finally, the focus will also lie on cross-genre and cross-disciplinary issues such as transitions between art, performance, and activism as well as questions of digital border demarcations. Negotiations of terminologies such as the "border aesthetics" developed from border studies (Schimanski/Wolfe) or the "Ent/Grenzen[s]" (Bleuler/Moser) could as well play a role here.




  Thursday 24/11/2022




Alma-Elisa Kittner, Kerstin Meincke, Miriam Oesterreich




Alexia Pooth
D‘Est: die documenta, das Ende des Ostblocks und die 1990er




Burcu Dogramaci/Marta Smolinska
Grenze/Granica: Kunst der Migration im
deutsch-polnischen Grenzraum
16:40 Coffee break




Andrea Masala
Border Art’s borders: on the conceptual limits of an artistic genre (en)




Samira Yildirim
Vor, während, nach der Migration: Zeitliche Dimensionen von Grenzziehungen und Migrationen in Kunstwerken der Gegenwart
18:30 Break



Artist talk:
Bani Abidi (en)
20 Dinner



                    Friday 25/11/2022
9:45 Introduction





Anna-Lena Wenzel
Grenzbewegungen. Vom Über- und
Unterschreiten der Grenze
11:15 Coffee break





Susanne Watzenboeck
Gianfranco Rosi’s Fuocoammare and the
cinematographic gaze on borderline experiences (en)





Rhea Dehn
Cuerpo-territorio. Fragen zur Annäherung an die spanischmarokkanische
Grenze im Kontext künstlerischer Praktiken
12:50 Lunch




Miriam Oesterreich
Border Aesthetics: Mauern, Körper, Design, Creative Resistance





Hanna Büdenbender
Mediale Blickregime: Die Repräsentation der Migration im US-amerikanisch-mexikanischen Grenzraum in der Pressefotografie
15:40 Closing diskussion
16:30 Internal meeting (AG Kunst & Migration)